Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences

Educational Objectives & Student Outcomes

Educational Objectives

PEO1. Provide the students with all required knowledge.
PEO2. Improve students individual skills as well as professional ethics.
PEO3. Encourage students and academic staff members toward self development and self education.
PEO4. Encourage scientific research.
PEO5. Improve the academic education to cope with the advanced development in the work field.
PEO6. Invest resources and clinics to serve the local population.
PEO7. Insure that the academic outputs are appropriate with the word filed requirements.

Student Outcomes

  • Acknowledge and recall basic terminology in the field of audiology and speech pathology and to relate these terms with communication disorder.
  • Know signs and symptoms of all different communication disorders and their etiologies.
  • Apply all different assessment procedures in the field and being able to interpret assessment results.
  • Diagnose all types of hearing and speech, language disorders and being able to apply appropriate treatment.
  • Design and perform all assessment and treatment plans independently.
  • Critical thinking in regard to assessment and treatment protocols.

Educational Objectives with Student Outcomes